QEOS is a Top Global Renewable Energy provider for rural communities. Having the opportunity to apply our solar solutions to the rural schools in Sarawak is a double blessing for the these rural students and the communities, QEOS will provide 24 hours connected power. This will open up a host of possibilities that will benefit the lives of the students in the rural areas of Sarawak.


QEOS is well aware of the huge costs incurred by the diesel needed to run the generators for these rural schools. Hence it’s goal is to replace these rural school generators with clean, renewable solar energy.


Rural Schools sustain Rural communities in so many ways. It is the children who are the future leaders. They are the ones who will inherit the lands and preserve culture and traditions of their people. Therefore the rural community must be able to provide the necessary amenities for the future generations. Having schools equipped with stable and constant source of clean energy, will allow rural schools to have improved amenities and be able to provide much more for the rural students education.